Tuesday, 1 November 2011

WhooooOOO R Uuu?

Deadmens - Classic bike resurrection!

We are new school vintage racers, gentlemen of the world wide scene. Brought together by a passion for machines with timeless appeal and produced from all 4 corners of the globe. No eliteisium, no snobbery, no limitations.

We believe in creativity, comradery and good times. Throw out all ye rule book and follow your heart.

Deadmens is not a death cult or even motorcycle club it's a resurrection of biker cool, where once loved machines ride again.   

It's Better In The Wind

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Tastefully modernised Japanese classic - CB550k

Personally I love the way this timeless machine has been updates. A great example to anyone thinking of customising their classic bike or restoring a project. She's obviously enjoyed a thoughtful and thorough rebuild... it's spotless!

I love the way they've taken her back without shortening the frame, nether have they bowed to the (almost unbearable) urge for a hump stop seat*. The original seat is perfect for anyone like me who rides 2's up... providing it's perfectly sunny, one has an hour to waste getting ready and "you don't go too fast"!

The back end reduction has been finished off with a nice grab-rail and what looks like the original tail light has been re-used with a new bracket tight to the seat. This keeps the original charm of the model but gives a more contemporary edge and great balance. Nice drop bars (not clip-ons or Ace bars) maintain an easy, unpretentious look not trying to be a British racer but a cheeky wink to the cafe style. Not sure about the slash pipes but....... "badda-bing" they're American, just can't help themselves!

I love it, keep up the good work!

Note: *The obvious benefits of the hump stop seat speak for themselves.